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Choosing The Right Hair Extension For Your Hair


Choosing the right Hair extension application must be one of the first thing to keep in mind when looking for good extensions. Quite often, there are different methods to choose from, and it is up to you to decide which method you prefer.


Here are some different application methods for your Hair Extensions:


I-Tip: Using a micro-ring bead, these are applied follicle by strand using everlasting hair extension cables. Hair is looped through the mini ring, and a tool similar to pliers is employed to squeeze the engagement ring shut around the hair, to connection it.


To eliminate, simply reverse this method by squeezing the engagement ring in the other direction. Depending how fast the head of hair expands, these can last as long as six weeks. One more bonus of using this method, is usually that the hair can be re-used when you need to possess them reapplied. I-tip extension cables are great for adding volume, and length- and combine it up, you can also add in several female highlights. After the application you can cut and elegance your hair as you wish.


U-Tip: These kinds of are also a strand-by-strand everlasting method. Attaching to natural hair on the head by using a Keratin glue, they can also last as long as 6th weeks depending on hair growth. Since its products bonded to the hair, it is strongly recommended they are removed by someone that installs systems for a living as they are taken out by using a remover fluid placed on the extension connection. The bond is then squeezed with pliers many times until loosened, and lightly pulled off. Read more about hair extension here.


When you are buying a hair dresser


Now that you are ready to purchase method that will be great for your needs, it is also a good idea to research for a qualified stylist who will be applying your new hair. There are many unqualified and untrained stylists who claim to know how to apply them, which can often lead to a waste of your money, time and worst case scenario- loss of your hair.


Find a specialised salon near you


Make sure you go into the salon, have them look at your hair and recommend the best application method after assessing your hair type first. Now you are informed on application methods, and how to find the best stylist available to you. Most of all, enjoy your new look! Look for more information about hair extensions, go to http://bokunoheroacademia.wikia.com/wiki/Hair_Extension.


Quality Products at Affordable Prices


Now you can buy the finest human hair extensions and a range of hair extensions shampoo, conditioner and care products designed specifically for hair extensions at affordable wholesale prices.