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Knowing the Diverse Kinds of Hair Extensions


Have you dream of having natural and beautiful long hair instantly? Well, this is already possible nowadays by hair extensions.


What These Products Are?


These are hair made from either synthetic materials or human human hair for use in growing the hair instantly. If you noticed female celebrities that managed to grow their hair in less than a day, then they are using hair extensions.


In the past, we need to wait several weeks, months or years to achieve the length of hair that we dream of. With the advancement of technology, it is already possible to achieve the length of hair that you are dreaming of. You just have to go to your trusted salon and buy your preferred hair extensions.


Hair extensions by Super Hair Factory are the surefire way to add volume, length and highlights to the hair instantly. This innovation is famous not just among celebrities but ordinary women of all ages and races. They used hair extensions not only to achieve the desired hair volume and length but also to achieve that glamorous and sophisticated looks. Since hair extensions made from natural hair is very expensive, there are manufacturers who created synthetic and affordable counterparts and some of these are further detailed in this article.


At present, there are diverse kinds of diamond hair extensions offered in the market and these are made either from natural or synthetic hair. Several kinds of hair extensions and methods are used by salons to obtain the best results. Most often, these hair extensions are made from natural hair or synthetic hair. The synthetic hair has silicon coating to create the shine that women desire and these are cheaper compared to the natural hair. However, silicon synthetic hair extension cannot withstand and handle heat. Listed below are the diverse kinds of hair extensions.


What Are the Different Hair Extension Types?


  1. Tape-in hair extensions. It is the widely used hair extensions in the market as it is less fussy and complex. The natural or synthetic hairs are simply glued to your hair with the use of heat. There are lots of women who prefer this type as it does not require them to visit their trusted salon regularly for adjustment and it can last for numerous months. However, users need to be cautious when using hair conditioners as it can result to the slippage of their hair extensions. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEKFCYwV80U to know more about hair extensions.


  1. Micro-link hair extensions. This is also called micro-bead hair extensions because these are applied around your natural hair with the use of little heat to glue on the etal beads. Since the extensions are looped around your natural hair, you can move the beads either up and down to create the length of hair that you want. To prevent the slipping of the beads, avoid applying hair conditioners near it.


  1. Clip-in hair extensions. As the name implies, you just clip in these hair extensions whenever you have the desire to have long hair. Since this is clip-in, it is just temporary and this is often used by women when attending parties and functions.


Be sure to opt for the hair extension that you like and which makes you comfortable to move about.